This Song by “Friends of John’s” Will Have You Wondering Who “Frank” Is

Friends of John’s (based in Israel) has just released a new song title “Frank” that is “inspired by the history of statistics.” With a raspy voice, Yoav Gerber, delivers a great song that tells the story of Frank’s life. Who is Frank? We aren’t really sure. He seems to have a rough life though, stumbling, and falling as he goes about his day. The song is appealing to anyone that is into folk music, indie rock music, or storytelling songs. The melody is catchy and the vocal delivery is emotional. The song also has an awesome bluesy guitar solo. Now, we’d love to know who Frank is!

You can hear this compelling song and watch the video on YouTube:

More info: “Friends of John’s is an Israeli-American indie-rock band led by singer songwriter Yoav Gerber. The band has existed as a figment of his imagination for years, as he was not going to let the fact that he does not have a band of his dream of being in a band. At times they tour, at times they do not. He has no friends, other than those of other people. He is not old, just not easily impressed.”


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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