Low River’s ‘Trouble’ Is Folk with a Strong Punk Rock Ethos

5 30 18 Low RiverLow River’s ‘Trouble’ is some soulful, punky folk music. “I’d say I take most of my influences from guys like Bob Dylan and Neil Young,” Paul Bardsley, the mastermind behind Low River said, “but really I’m more Johnny Rotten than Johnny Cash.” This angry, underground attitude really comes through in the vocals and the truncated song structure. Somehow, Low River has made acoustic music that can really hit at the pit of your eardrums. The addition electric guitars and other traditional rock instrumentation is a nice touch. In a folk scene that’s focused on personally-oriented, quiet solo acts, this is truly a much-needed breath of fresh air. Interestingly, Bardsley seems to focus on elements of punk not explored in similar projects like Andrew Jackson Jihad or Days and Daze. This project is going places. Check out ‘Trouble’ below!

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