“Speak” by Timothy Robert Graham was Worth the Wait


Timothy Robert Graham has been working hard for the past two years to create a new record titled “SPEAK.” The record was actually completed two years ago but just released quite recently in May of 2018. Our favorite song from the record is “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.” This song contains a catchy chorus and the verse is just as contagious. The song also shows off Graham’s wide vocal range and proves his talent to first time listeners. You are sure to get hooked! The Seattle-based singer-songwriter has a great indie rock sound and a unique voice. The title track of the record “Speak” feels very experimental and keeps all who listen on their toes begging for what’s coming next. Each song sounds a bit different from the last but fits perfectly on this 11 song masterpiece of a record. This record was definitely worth the long wait!

Listeners can stream or buy the record on BandCamp:

“For me it’s a reminder to talk to my friends and family and share my truest self in an act of intimacy and vulnerability. For everyone else, I hope it will be a word of encouragement… A reminder that when people bravely choose to share their stories, we all grow.” – Timothy Robert Graham

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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