Need Inspiration to Quit Your Job & Do Music? Listen to State of Nature’s New Banger!

Will Casey is the lead singer of State of Nature, a New Jersey-based band that draws influences from classic rock to 90’s rock to modern music. The bands new song “Two Weeks Notice” is about getting the courage to quit your day job to pursue a career in music. This is a true story of the singer Will Casey. He did give his two weeks and quit his job after writing the song and began living a “bohemian lifestyle” which consisted of living on a boat and writing songs. Hey, props to him, we all wish we had the courage to do something so daring!

Our favorite lyrics from the song are: “I think it’s time I lived for me.”

The music video is different from your average lyric video because it is in the format of someone typing a “resignation letter” on a computer. It’s an extremely unique and captivating way to get the message to be even louder. We really believe that the video makes the lyrics stand out more and gives the song an inspirational and emotional vibe. See it on YouTube:

State of Nature is currently gearing up for the release of their debut album which is set to drop sometime this fall!

Keep up with State of Nature on Social Media:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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