Piano Club will Transport You To a Happy Place with “The Wake Up Call”


The synths will knock you out of your chair as they strike down on the first note. The vocals will transport you back to a time in the 1980’s when life felt blissful and carefree. The vocals fit perfectly with the music that will get your body grooving and feeling like you’re high. PIANO CLUB has figured out how to make music that digs deep into your soul and takes you away to another place. This is the best type of sound that there is – one that takes you away from your day-to-day troubles and brings you somewhere great. Play “The Wake Up Call” at a party, in your car on your first date, or while driving down the interstate to visit your grandma – this mellow synth-pop song feels good and will keep your brain occupied and feeling happy.

Jam the song now, you won’t regret it:

More info: http://hyperurl.co/rtmgrh


Written by Ryan Cassata

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