Cordovas are a Dedicated Band of Brothers & a 24/7 Job

You’re starting to catch the vibe that your town is nothing but a drag, you want something bigger and better…here’s a song that you will surely relate to. Cordovas have just released their new song “This Town’s A Drag” on ATO Records. The lyrics talk about the want and need to have dangerous and illegal fun but not being able to because the town is dry and boring. It’s about wanting to reach outside the box but feeling a bit stuck.

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Sounding much like a combination of The Band, the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead, Cordovas bring a sound that is reminiscent of southern classic and country that so many have fallen in love with and still call their favorite genre of music to this day. “This Town’s A Drag” is well written and well recorded with handsome harmonies, breathtaking guitar licks and a smooth and soulful lead vocal that will make your body weak. It’s definitely a song that you will want to spin over and over again.

Cordovas have been touring around the country and writing music together for about 5 years. They’ve toured internationally and have gathered a cult following. The band lives together on a compound in East Nashville and frequently jams and writes music together. “The Cordovas are a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week job.” says bassist and band leader Joe Firstman. The band has become a band of brothers and close friends. Joe Firstman shares the Cordovas brotherhood with drummer Graham Spillman, keyboardist Sevans Henderson, and two lead guitarists Lucca Soria and Toby Weaver.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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