SF Skate Classic Film with a Great Soundtrack

My friends, my comrades please check out this San Francisco Skate Classic with a bitchin’ soundtrack!!!!

“skechers” is an American short-film that depicts individual and collective portraits of the “Skechers Skate Team” (AKA Brown Baggers) in order to demonstrate the most genuine lighthearted aspects of skateboarding culture. By introducing the close relationships held by a love-able cast of idiosyncratic misfits, director Field Sobriety is able to successfully represent this culture in a manner that is both appealing and exciting to any viewer regardless of their knowledge of skateboarding. Although it can at first glance be easily mistaken for a standard skate video; the viewer quickly becomes confronted with the over-arching theme of “anarchy of youth” and how individual acceptance of this process becomes crucial to true self actualization. The “Skechers Skate Team”, through their various antics of light heart-ed rebellion, provide a refreshing contemporary wave of much needed counter culture that directly contrasts the profit driven technology industry; a series of neo-liberal institutions that have been establishing a hegemony over California’s culture for the last 3 decades. 

By appealing to our most primitive humanistic spirit “skechers” is an instant underground classic that will be enjoyed by any one who‘s ever made the mistake of assuming that the spirit of non-conformity and revolution are absent from the current generation of youth. Using skateboarding as a metaphor of absolute freedom, it will continue to inspire those who watch it to come together to form unique identites under the gift of camaraderie. We highly recommend this film to any of our readers!

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Written by JANK ROY 

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