Edgewater Angel’s ‘Done with You’ Is Punk-Inflected Pop Rock with True Grit

6 27 18 Edgewater AngelEdgewater Angel’s ‘Done with You’ is punk-inflected pop rock with true grit. The band is built around the core song-writing duo of vocalist Kaylee Atherton and bassist Mario DiLeva. “The two met in the summer of 2017,” they say, when they discovered a interest in, “modern alternative rock and 90s grunge bands such as Paramore and Nirvana.” DiLeva said, “we really never started out to be a band, but when we started writing songs together, we realized we had something special.” These guys definitely channel the Paramore, but they bring in a fuzzy, punky hard rock sensibility reminiscent of TAD, Soundgarden and certain Nirvana songs that gives the group a real edge. The composition, musicianship and production on here are all top notch and the vocal performance is truly exceptional. These guys are going places. Check out ‘Done with You’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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