Artist of the Day: Laura Jean Anderson with Soulful Sophomore Single


Our artist of the day is Laura Jean Anderson! Laura Jean Anderson has a soulful sound about her voice that draws listeners in quickly and completely. This LA-based, classically trained singer has just released her sophomore single titled “Love You Most” which has incredible production that combines both new school sounds with some retro vibes to create a unique song that is quite lovable to all. The songwriting is also something to be proud of with gorgeous melodic vocal hooks that make listeners want to play the song over and over again. Laura Jean Anderson definitely has the power to dive deep into music fans ears. The talented singer was born in Washington state and was raised strictly as a Mormon. Eventually she found the courage to rebel and escaped into music and moved to California to attend art school and pursue her dreams. We know you will love this song!

Hear it on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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