Shawna Virago is a True Folk-Punk Icon

Shawna Virago is the legendary trans femme singer-songwriter who channels the spirit of punk rock and classic rock in her acoustic driven songs and ballads. Her newest song “Tranimal” is a political song about being transgender and rising above the oppression that comes with being an out trans person in today’s world. Her music is always authentic to who she is and gives some insight to what it is like to be her. Both her guitar playing and singing are emotional and raw in a way that many artists cannot pull off. Her precious punk-rock attitude is infused into each note.

The music video for the song is well done in a simplistic way, with Shawna wearing a bright red rock n’ roll leather jacket, encouraging listeners to listen to the lyrics in the song. Shawna Virago has been out as a trans woman and performing live since the early 1990’s making her an important figure in trans music history to pay attention to and admire. RTP has had the privilege of seeing her perform live and she always puts on a fantastic high-energy performance like a true rock n’ roll superwoman. What a star!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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