‘Cinnamon’ by Lost Woods Is Airy, Refined Indie Rock with Pop and Post-Rock Tendencies

7 10 18 Lost Woods‘Cinnamon’ by Lost Woods is airy, refined indie rock. The five-piece, which hails from Australia’s Adelaide is, “an eclectic mix of soaring vocals, jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section,” they say. “‘Cinnamon’ marks a change in sound for the group.” They have moved “towards a more ethereal and delicate soundscape compared to the early 90s inspired indie rock previously released by the band.” This tune “pays homage to the childhood friends who’ve stayed with you your whole life. As adults, you may have grown up to be very different, but the shared experiences make it an enduring, unbreakable relationship.” These guys seem to have a lot in common with Texas-based post-rock band Explosions in the Sky. This distinct fusion of post-rock, pop and indie is really well done. This is a strong group of musicians. You’ll definitely be hearing more from them soon. Check out ‘Cinnamon’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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