Ferentz and The Felons Remind Listeners that No One is Alone in Great New Song



We are so glad to highlight another great song by one of Rock The Pigeon’s favorite bands Ferentz and The Felons from Hudson County, New Jersey. This band has a strong ability to make music that is truly meaningful, tells a easy-to-follow story and has a compelling theme. Not only that but the tone of the vocals are dressed in strong emotion and the band sounds great together. Their song “Keeping Company” is a song about depression and having friends that struggle with it. The band said: “This song is about being there for someone who is battling severe depression. It’s a reminder that we all matter in this world.” The lyrics of the song have the great ability to tell people that we have all been there and no one is really alone. The lead singer Zak Ferentz tells the listener that they have a friend in him, they can talk to him, they can vent to him, and he’s definitely there to listen and be a good friend. Overall this song leaves you with a strong sense of hope. It’s something we all need to hear.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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