Smokepurpp’s ‘Dvl on My Shoulder’ Is Lean-Drenched, Ad Lib-Riddled Miami Trap

7 13 18 Smokepurpp‘Dvl on My Shoulder’ by Smokepurpp and Jack Bruno is trappy, ad lib-riddled rap music with a relaxed party vibe. Smokepurpp, originally known as Miami native “Omar Pineiro initially tried his hand at producing,” looking for, “the fortune of a lucrative entertainment career but none of the attention of the limelight. After a few false starts under various monikers, Pineiro took to rapping over his own beats when no one else was interested in using them.” Obviously, none of those people knew how much he, or Jack Bruno, had to offer or to what extent the sound he helped pioneer would take off. This track stays pretty close to the traditional lean-drenched Miami trap sound, but it seems like there’s a little more clarity and energy in the vocal approach. There’s a nice sing-song tendency that defines even the more traditional rap sections of the tune which gives it a real radio edge. You probably already knew who these guys were, but soon everyone will. Check out ‘Dvl on My Shoulder’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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