‘Weasel Sleeping’ by Beard Bates Is Warm Alt Rock with a Western Americana Vibe

7 13 18 Beard Bates‘Weasel Sleeping’ by Beard Bates is warm, melancholy alt rock with a Western Americana vibe. “The track was written using a lexicon of phrases specific to the 19th Century West,” Bates said, “and in so doing the track tells of relationships and dreams that were either powered or destroyed by the Western Dream, by the desire for Gold, riches, freedom and expansion.” Glide Magazine describes him as, “a moving back woods howler that recalls both the anguished pipes of Chris Cornell and a fervently emotive Americana side.” There’s something deeply nostalgic about the lyrics. At the same time, they’re imbued with a confounding sense of mystery. Under that, Bates’ warm, fuzzy guitar tone captures the warm, crackling aesthetic of old Western films. This guy really knows what he’s doing. Check out ‘Weasel Sleeping’ below!



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