Rachael Cantu Drops Compelling Music Video “Run Free” about Queer Friendship


Rachael Cantu is an artist that should definitely be on your radar. The openly queer singer-songwriter has just released a fierce song and music video about queer friendship titled “Run Free.” The music video, which was shot in the desert, is extremely professional and well-done. It’s hard to believe that such a small crew made this compelling video in just three days! 

“Run Free” is a song off of Rachael Cantu’s EP ‘Love Rush’ which was released earlier this year. Rachael Cantu has a unique and likeable voice. Her vocal delivery is filled with raw emotion that doesn’t get covered up by the production of the track. Rachael has everything it takes to break into the mainstream music industry: great songwriting abilities, impressive and lovable vocals, and a great video to capture audiences!

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“With this video, my vision was to capture the unique bond of queer friendship. The closeness we have in our community. The way we love and need one another physically and emotionally. I could not have asked for a better group of in-real-life friends to convey this type of special love. It was an all female/queer crew. Me, the three stars and the Director/DP/Editor, Bia Jurema – running around in the open desert for 3 days. Bia is an incredible force in film and photography and I’m so lucky and honored to have made this video with her.” – Rachael Cantu

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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