Vadrok’s ‘Polvo de Angel’ Is an Interesting Take on Hard Rock Out of Mexico

7 18 18 Polvo de AngelVadrok’s ‘Polvo de Angel’ is an interesting Spanish-language take on hard rock out of Mexico. “Shaded with an array of rock sub-genres,” the band’s new song “delves into tragic loss, death and the undercurrents of the world beyond the living.” They describe themselves as using “a blend of metaphor and real life experience to connect with their audience. They feature universal themes within their music, such as love, friendship and death, through a medium of concept and motif; so that listeners can empathize with the rawness of their verses, yet ascribe their own stories to the music.” These guys definitely have a hard, rock and roll edge, but there’s a clarity and accessibility to their music that’s probably key to their success. It’s also nice to hear people making music in their own language. It feels far more authentic to who the band is and gives the lyrics a distinct cadence rarely explored in hard rock. Behind the vocals, all of the band members have some formidable musical chops. These guys really have it together. Check out ‘Polvo de Angel’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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