Bruce Springsteen Uploads MTV Unplugged Performance on YouTube Channel

Bruce Springsteen recently uploaded a magical flashback performance to his YouTube Channel. The video is from a 1992 performance for MTV Unplugged. Bruce Springsteen plays “Thunder Road” on the guitar with a wailing harmonica. The song picks up slightly when an ambient organ comes in. The intimate performance is similar to the vibe that Bruce Springsteen has at his Broadway show, that he has just won a Tony Award for. He is a phenomenal story teller in both his words and music. He is such a magical performer. Audiences feel as if he’s singing directly to them. He is. If you get the chance to see the Boss live, go! If you can’t get tickets you will still be able to witness the performance as it’s coming to Netflix as a special on December 15th following the final Broadway Show.


Written by Ryan Cassata

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