Band of the Day: Little Brother Eli w Towering Single “Wait For You”

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One of RTP’s favorite indie rock band from the United Kingdom has just released a fierce new song that will definitely get audiences on their feet and dancing! This great band is called Little Brother Eli and their hit new song is “Wait For You.” The song is a classic indie anthem that combines tight sounding instrumentation with vocals that could fit in both the pop and rock world. The vocal melody is very catchy and feels unexpectedly unique as the song gets to the towering chorus. Parts of the track sound more like hard rock and parts sound more like a disco track and could even blend in with some of Michael Jackson’s finest boogie songs. The drummer is very talented at keeping the band tight together as he plays a groove that switches several times throughout the song. Little Brother Eli is quite impressive!

Listeners can hear the song on YouTube:

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The song is also featured on this playlist on Spotify with songs of similar vibes:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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