Artist of the Day: Kris Gruen with Indie-Anthem “Body In Motion”


Kris Gruen, who we have previously covered as an American artist, has released a song (off of his new record “Coast & Refuge”) that differs from his previous folk sound. He’s got an indie-pop-rock anthem that feels nostalgic to 1980’s vibes. That incredible song is called “Body In Motion” and is one of the most feel good songs we have been sent this year. All of Kris’s songs have vocal hooks that shine as a true mark of great songwriting abilities. The fact that he’s able to write different genres and have a voice that fits in any style is a true gift. No matter what the vibe is of Kris Gruen’s next song, we are excited to hear it.

Kris Gruen on Social Media:

You can hear Kris’s song and more similar vibes on this playlist:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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