4 Love Songs to Fall in Love with Now

We wanted to take a moment to highlight 5 songs with strong vibes

The first song we want to highlight is a collaboration between Serena Ryder and Simon Ward. The song is titled “Famous” and is an excellent duet about loving each other regardless if the singers get famous or not. It’s a true love song.

The second song is “Caroline (O-Hi-O)” by Ben Stalets. This song is a brilliant folk anthem complete with a string section and powerful hook that you will find yourself humming along to.

The third song we want to highlight is “The Very Best” by Willy Tea Taylor. This song is about traveling the long road and missing the one you truly love. The production of this song makes it even more romantic.

The last song we want to highlight tonight is “Portland, Maine” by Donovan Woods. This song is the ultimate long distance love anthem. It’s about living in different time zones, phone calls, living two different lives and not really knowing what the other lives like. The song continues on to talk about moving to the same place to have a true romance.

Happy Falling in Love!!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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