‘Dodgy’ by Bennett Wales and the Relief Is Exceptionally Funky, Well-Rounded Rock

7 26 18 Bennett Wales‘Dodgy’ by Bennett Wales and the Relief is funky, well-rounded rock music with a club vibe. The song’s music video, which is actually just the band performing, is super engaging and gives a nice window into the group’s vibe and energy. You can see the passion in every band member’s face as they work through this dense-yet-accessible five-minute-long tune. Aside from the upbeat, jazzy party vibe they have going on, the best way to describe the musicianship on here would have to be precise and intense. Every note from every instrument has a distinct sense of intentionality. The way the pulsing guitars and fleeting keys work with each other over the rock solid rhythm section is something bands should aspire to. On top of that, Wales’ vocal performance is one of the most dynamic, saturated and engaging ones to come our way in a long time. These guys are a cut above the rest. Check out ‘Dodgy’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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