Bears in Hazenmore’s ‘Caves’ Is Airy Atmospheric Rock with a Jazzy Space Vibe

8 2 18 Bears in HazenmoreBears in Hazenmore’s ‘Caves’ is airy, atmospheric rock music from Canada with a jazzy space vibe. The song “is about learning how you fit into your community,” the group says, “and the struggles that accompany this journey.” After a restrained, fuzzy intro, the band works its way into an eclectic, progressive headspace that defines the rest of the song. In conjunction with some notably jazz-oriented drums, the walking, decidedly active bass guitar part takes a prominent role in moving the song through its various parts. On top of spacey, almost formless shoegaze guitars, some choice horns accent the tune’s most intense and emotionally trying sections. In certain ways, it seems like these guys take a lot of cues from certain post-hardcore traditions. In particular, the spacey nature of Hopesfall’s The Satellite Years, the soaring vocals of Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green and the punchy jazziness of American Football’s more progressive work. This is a talented group with a unique sound. Check out ‘Caves’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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