Leisure Club’s ‘Pet Shark’ Is Surprisingly Sunny Canadian Surf-Tinged Indie

8 2 18 Leisure ClubLeisure Club’s ‘Pet Shark’ is surprisingly sunny Canadian indie rock with a glitzy, surf-oriented approach. The band describes the tune as, “a tropical surf rock whirlwind that reminds us of sunny days and simpler times.” Although this is certainly upbeat on the surface, there are some darker undertones on here. The opening guitar lick, which would sound at home in a Smiths song, might be the clearest embodiment of this tendency. It’s straightforward, sunny and plinky, but at the same time, there are little notes in there that at hint at something else. As the song progresses, the use of effects pedals and bright, driving keys gives the piece a heavily layered effect. Under that, the punchy, pocketed nature of the rhythm section gives the song a sense of structure and directness. On top of everything, the vocals really drive home the song’s narrative of looking back on better times. These guys really have it together. Check out ‘Pet Shark’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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