Ms. Aligned by J. Garland Wells [Poetry]


J. Garland Wells

Red and White…
Like a clown she puts on her Amanita Mascaria
To shrink Freud’s flaws and
Take to the rinks of a psychedelic fairy tale
If Sade had first cut.

The brightest colors against
The smog and turmoil, she
Can breathe and dwell and
Allow a moment of dementia.

One tit is bigger than the other,
Or so says the 9:00 regular.
Ms. Aligned just pours him
His acquitted OJ and scrambles his eggs
Like pure lysergic.

Perhaps later when she’s high
And basking in the Garfunkel-
Approved silence, she will
Peer over her malted pictures
And remember how she was
And how she wasn’t just
A deity’s court jester.

Artist Bio: John Garland Wells is a writer, and currently a student, from Asheville, NC. Many of his poems, including this one, can be heard in a spoken word style via his “beat poetry” band, BAD TIES ( His works, both written and spoken, are focused on the blend of sarcastic humor and melancholic nostalgia.


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