4 New Releases from LGBTQ Artists: Chris Crocker, Eithermore, Rachael Cantu, & H.C. McEntire

“Like You” by Chris Crocker is sure to become a club favorite. It has a relaxed vibe and an extremely catchy melody that will get you singing along. Chris Crocker has an excellent way of delivering vocals as you can hear every ounce of emotion he puts into his tracks which makes his music authentic. You might even feel compelled to send this song to someone you have been eyeing for a while.

“Tender Curiosity” by Eithermore is a jam that has incredible guitar riffs and a gorgeous voice from lead singer and writer Jordanna Felice. This song uniquely captures the excitement of the possibly of having a new relationship.

“Forgotten One” by Rachael Cantu is an emotional ballad with incredible synth-scapes that will cause any listener to have chills. Her voice is chilling and raw in this exciting track that slowly builds.

“Quartz in the Valley” by H.C. McEntire is a bluesy jam that will blow your mind as it showcases true talent in singing, songwriting, and storytelling. This is a true country song that is oozing with soul and true emotion.

We hope you enjoyed our list!

Also we want to take a moment to shout out the LGBT music publication and podcast Strange Fire Magazine and the LGBT radio station Quest of Life.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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