The Come On Brings a Retro Vibe in Song Paired with Trippy Animated Music Video

The Come On cab logo color
The Come On recently released their music video for their song “Black and White TV (Redux).” The song combines an old school vibe with a modern edge. The guitars meshed with the slow drum beat gives listeners the perfect song to sway their bodies to. The song is the perfect soundtrack for relaxing and taking a moment to chill out after a stressful day. Rock the Pigeon’s favorite part of the song “Black and White TV (Redux)” is the vocal style which is laid back and is 100% convincing in terms of lyrical delivery and emotion. It’s rare to hear vocals this authentic in music! The music video is psychedelic and entertaining and was actually animated by Richard Mather who is known for animating Rick and Morty and SNL!

Enjoy it on YouTube:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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