Woo Hoo! The New Castle Pines Track is Fire!


Castle Pines might just be one of the most unique sounding indie-rock bands that we have ever heard. The band, hailing from Corona, California has just released a new song titled “Woo Hoo” on August 10th, 2018. The vocal delivery is what makes this song stand out from the bunch as the lead singer Leandro Barrientos is speak-singing in a way that conveys the emotions of the realistic conversational lyrics so damn well. The style becomes quite addicting to the human ear especially with the combination of raw lyrics and tight instrumentation. Aside from the grand vocals, the song is made into a banger by a simple guitar riff that gives the song an inspirational feeling instead of a depressing feeling even with lyrical content such as “I haven’t scene my uncle in a shit ton of years, and well you know his heart stopped and he died.” The song seems to generate the feeling that “no matter what happens, life goes on, we’ll all be alright.” Give it a spin…

Listen on Other Platforms: http://smarturl.it/woohoo-castlepines


Written by Ryan Cassata


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