‘You Are’ by Luna Kiss Is Hearty Alt-Rock with Real Presence

8 19 18 Luna Kiss‘You Are’ by Luna Kiss is alt rock with some hard rock influences and a lot of presence. This “is a hard hitting alt rock song with big guitar riffs and epic chorus lines,” they say. It “explores the push and pull between addiction and relationships.” Behind solid guitar work, the rhythm section really holds it down here. This is most evident in the intro where the bass can be heard pumping away in conjunction with a really impactful series of rimshots. This, of course, is still guitar music through and through. The whirring emotionality of the song’s verses gives way to the explosive, bombastic riff that pushes the chorus along. For some reason, the guitar, and the vocals to a great extent, feel reminiscent of post-grunge. It’s not like these guys employ jorreling or a sappy, saccharine lyrical approach, but they have a nineties-style intensity that’s fused with an artful pop sensibility. This is a solid showing from a solid group. Check out ‘You Are’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13



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