DonSmith’s ‘R3’ Is Hooky, Narrative NYC Hip-Hop

8 19 18 DonSmithDonSmith’s ‘R3 (Real Recognize Real)’ is hooky, narrative hip-hop from New York City. This artist’s makes use of, “menacing lyricism and story telling,” he says, in conjunction with prominent East Coast collaborators including like Flo Kennedy, Chuck Strangers of Pro Era, Bigg Dogg and Theravada. There’s definitely a deeply narrative quality to this. A lot of rap music in this day and age has kind of devolved into a series of catch phrases tied together by a few buzz words, but this guy has a real story to tell with a meaningful message. The lyrics on here are deeply personal, but at the same time they can be applied to a broader social and cultural context. Under all of that, there’s a really crisp beat on here. This is modern, but it doesn’t traffic in the cliches a lot of modern producers tend to get caught up in. It’s kind of cold, but at the same time, the percussion, which sounds like a cup of change ringing on the street, warms it up and gives it a more human element. This is a powerful track from an artist on the rise. Check out ‘R3’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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