Leach’s ‘We Have It All’ Is Solid Swedish Metalcore with a Relateable, Angry Sensibility

8 19 18 LeachLeach’s ‘We Have It All’ is solid Swedish metalcore with a relatable, angry sensibility. “Originating from Borås (near Gothenburg),” they say, “LEACH started out in their early teens 2003 as a project at their local youth center.” Since then, they’ve put out a series of demos as well as their 2012 full-length release and an EP in 2014. Now, they’re working on their sophomore full-length effort titled, Hymns for the Hollow. These guys definitely really channel the Hatebreed. At it’s core, this is a ballsy, in-your-face American-style hardcore track. At the same time, it seems like there’s kind of a radio rock sensibility on here. Some parallels can definitely be drawn between these guys and acts like Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch. There’s a bro hymn, scream-along quality here that you know would leave an arena crowd losing its shit. This is a fun track from a group of metalcore veterans. Check out ‘We Have It All’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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