Alabama Rose Sends Us Retro Rock N’ Roll Vibes in “Buffalo”

alabama rose

Alabama Rose is a punk rock artist from Birmingham, Alabama who brings us epic rock n’ roll sounds and feel-good retro vibes on her song “Buffalo.” “Buffalo” is from her recently released EP “Good Times for Bad Girls.” Alabama Rose can catch a crowd off guard with her rebellious vibes and hard hitting vocals that scream rock n’ roll. Perhaps Alabama Rose draws inspiration from Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna. The high energy song takes off full speed with running guitar riffs and soaring vocals that keep the song feeling fun from start to end. This song, carried by quick hitting drums, is impossible to not rock to. You’ll definitely want to spin this record over and over again. Alabama Rose is taking the world by storm, one song at a time.

Enjoy “Buffalo” and the rest of the rock n’ roll EP on Spotify now:

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Written by Christina Suraci & Ryan Cassata

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