TYGERMYLK with Chilling LGBTQ-Themed Single “What God Would Keep Us Apart”

 “I wasn’t ashamed so I kissed her anyway.”

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TYGERMYLK has released a stunning new acoustic-driven song titled ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart.’ Chills will sweep over your body as you listen closely to the meaning behind the lyrics, and if you are one of us, who relates so deeply to this sad truth, you will be in tears by the end of the song. The song covers the story of TYGERMYLK’s lead singer Harland’s first love and the challenge the couple faced due to the authority of homophobic parents. The young couple was not able to see each other for a period of time. The song is well-produced, beautifully chilling, and the bare bones production gives plenty of room for the lyrics to be completely devoured.

Listen now:

“It’s everything I said to her on our last night together and everything I wish I’d said knowing what I know now. The lyrics fell out of me suddenly on a train ride to Brighton and happened to be an hour early for a meeting so I locked myself away in a rehearsal room and quickly finished the song. I didn’t realise how much this event had affected me until after writing about it, I couldn’t talk about it for months without breaking down into tears. Once I finished the demo, I wanted her to hear it first, we met up and talked about how we wished things had been different back then, I think it was very healing for us both.” – Harland

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Letter From The Editor
: This song hit hard for me. When I was a teenager I went through what this song sings so bravely about. I was already out and proud as a transgender boy and fell madly in love with a girl whose parents were not okay with us dating. My girlfriend was told that she wasn’t their daughter anymore and my parents kindly took her in with us. That story is told in a documentary called Songs For Alexis. Unfortunately, this story and this song rings true for so many LGBTQ people. I really believe that this song “What God Would Keep Us Apart” has the power to open people’s minds or at least muster some sense of understanding so we can break the chain of ignorance.
Love is Love.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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