Aaron Kell Calls Us to Action with “So Long”


Don’t be fooled by the laid-back hip hop beat and simple melody of Aaron Kell’s recent song “So Long.” The lyrics are emotional and tell us about Aaron’s own life, from struggling to help pay rent at 14 to facing his personal problems now so he can help others. He reminds us that everyone is hurting and the world is a disaster, so we need to help where we can. The repetition of the line, “I’ve been talking to God for so long,” is beautiful because it shows his own belief in religion and offers a way to face these problems, without saying that religion is the only way to make a change. Aaron has undoubtedly accomplished his goal of relating to his audience with this song. “So Long” is from Aaron Kell’s recent EP titled “One Day.” You can hear it on Spotify now:


Written by Skylar Bauer

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