‘Billing Luna’ by Stray Owls Is Patient, Sadly Whimsical Rock

8 23 18 Stray Owls‘Billing Luna’ by Stray Owls is patient, sadly whimsical rock music with a fuzzy, eclectic retro vibe. “This recording survived a fire that destroyed the studio it was recorded in,” the band says, so clearly some sort of higher being felt the world really needed this. “When life handed Stray Owls lemons… this rural North Carolina fuzz-folk band didn’t fold,” the group claims. “They took those lemons and they made righteous noise.” Citing influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Elliott Smith, the band’s sound is kind of hard to pin down. The one thing that can said with certainty is that it’s well-rooted in the storied history of dark rock-oriented music. The lo-fi recording techniques employed on here and the warbly, blended nature of the mix makes for a really enveloping track. These guys really know how to do something innovative without discounting their influences. Check out ‘Billing Luna’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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