Keyhole Company’s ‘Ghost of Ghosts’ Is Creepy, Attitudinal East London Alt Rock

8 23 18 Keyhole CompanyKeyhole Company’s ‘Ghost of Ghosts’ is creepy, attitudinal alt rock from England. “Solid, memorable guitar riffs, punchy choruses and technical proficiency are what this East London brood do best,” the band says. In short, they describe themselves as, “catchy without being lame, and musically versed without making a big deal about it.” After a clinky cinematic intro, the guitar jumps in with a janky, haunting riff to set the tone. The only thing that’s static about the guitar work on here is the mood it portrays. These guys cover a lot of musical ground. The dynamic, reactive nature of the rhythm section allows the band to do that without losing a sense of focus or structure. On top of everything, the creepy-crawly classic rock-style vocals tie a nice ribbon on the atmosphere and help connect the band to its musical heritage. This a strong release from a talented band. Check out ‘Ghost of Ghosts’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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