Mermaed’s ‘Idiot’ Is Unpretentious Adolescent Alt Rock with a Poppy Tone

8 27 18 MermaedMermaed’s ‘Idiot’ is unpretentious, adolescent alt rock with a poppy, slightly punky sound. “Drawing from their hard rock and pop punk influences they had growing up,” the band describes their work as, “high energy songs with undeniable chorus hooks, massive guitar sounds, and explosive live performances.” Since their 2017 formation, “they’ve kicked off in LA by playing shows at Emo Nite, The Satellite and The Hi Hat. They are currently wrapping up an EP they made with talented producer Jon Joseph.” These guys really do a great job of capturing the anxious, saccharine and frequently crushing nature of teenage relationships. The group definitely channels a glitzier take on the early Fueled by Ramen sound. At the same time, it feels like these guys bring a different kind of retro sensibility to the table. This song wouldn’t sound gravely out of place on a Lit album and something about the lyrics just kind of screams Avril Lavigne. This is a neat track from an interesting group. Check out ‘Idiot’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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