Dry Reef’s ‘Come Away’ Is Lowkey Airy Alt Rock with Chill, Natural Vibe

9 2 18 Dry ReefDry Reef’s ‘Come Away’ is airy, low-key alt rock with a lightly mathy, nature-oriented demeanor. The band describes this as, “the perfect song for being outdoors, or listening to in your car, wishing you were somewhere in nature.” Notably, the group “has opened for bands like Reel Big Fish and The Expendables,” they say, “while also being featured on Philadelphia’s premiere alternative radio station, Radio 104.5 iHeartRadio.” These guys have a nice, very chill surf vibe that really relaxes the listener. They strike a good balance between showing off their musicianship and committing to their desired environment. Not to understate the value or presence of the band’s music, but this seems like the kind of track that could easily meld itself into the background of a variety of situations. It has a broad, widely palatable sensibility but still presents something interesting and unique. Check out ‘Come Away’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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