‘Fugitive’ by Capital Sons Is Clean Modern Alt-Rock with a Throwback Inflection

9 6 18 Capital Sons‘Fugitive’ by Capital Sons is clean modern alt-rock with a throwback classic rock inflection. These guys describe themselves as, “a heart-on-your-sleeve rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. No fluff, no gimmicks; we get up on stage and play our songs.” They say their focus is on, “blending musical influences and a pop-rock nature into a high energy, unique and lyrically poignant mix.” The group has a very clean, radio-oriented vibe not terribly unlike Wilco or The Counting Crows. This tune would not be out of place in the background of an Applebee’s or a department store, but at the same time there’s a recognizable, endearing quality to the vocal performance. This grit, reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, Queensryche and Pearl Jam, is really what brings the track home. This is a very well put together group that’s probably going places. Check out ‘Fugitive’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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