Boreen’s ‘Salt Water Taffy’ Is Eclectic, Collage-Like Indie Rock

9 13 18 Boreen.jpgBoreen’s ‘Salt Water Taffy’ is eclectic, collage-like indie rock with a calm bedroom pop sensibility. The project, which appears to be the work of one person, has an expansive nature that allows this track to cover a lot musical territory. At the beginning, it’s a very soft, nostalgic piece centered on a leery, spastic synth sample. About a minute in, the song really starts to take on a more complete form. There are strings, a diverse array of different synthesized keys and some clinky, endearing and distinctly DIY sounds – all of which float around, under and above the sweet, understated vocals. Spastic and collage-like would definitely be the two best ways to sum up the track. In that regard, this artist has taken a lot from Alex G. In spite of his (or hers or their) influences, it seems like this project really bucks at the constraints of what has traditionally been characterized as indie rock. This is a neat little track from a promising artist. Check out ‘Salt Water Taffy’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13


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