NY Hip-Hop Sensation Buddy Lofton is Out with a New Music Video

Buddy Lofton is out with a professional new music video for his contagious song “Here We Go Again” to push his latest project titled “Early Dismissal” which is a collaboration with producer Josh Lamont. The record features great beats and an impressive and tasteful rap flow. The music video for “Here We Go Again” follows Buddy Lofton around the city of Los Angeles on his day job. The young rapper, hustling to make it in the city of dreamers, wakes up to another day of deliveries for the local marijuana dispensary. The days begin to bleed into each other, as Buddy’s routine is always the same, traveling from houses to hotel rooms in the city of beautiful women, medical grade weed and sunny weather. Buddy Lofton is an indie-artist from Long Island who has performed at SXSW. More info. Enjoy the music video via YouTube:

Music Video Directed by Kolepa @kolepa
Produced by josh Lamont @thememusicjosh
Written by : buddy lofton @buddylofton

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Listen to the project on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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