Lost In Vancouver Wrote “Meadows” About Typical Drunk University Experience


“Meadows” by Lost In Vancouver is an upbeat indie-rock song that is based on a true story of the lead singers experiences of getting much too drunk and blacking out in a huge local park. After missing 20 calls from band members and friends the songwriter describes his hazy night as something many University Students experience.

“…to me the song is designed to feel fun, adolescent and truthful towards the lifestyle 75% of people at Uni in Edinburgh currently follow. You can’t class yourself a citizen of Edinburgh until you’ve passed out in the meadows”
– Lost In Vancouver

The track features very unique vocal melodies and a catchy chorus where the song takes a breather and goes into a more mellow feel. While the chorus feels mellow it also feels epic and transmits a vibe that makes the soul feel something close to being stoned. Regardless of the funny and relatable lyrical content, the song would probably be a hit with just about any mood of lyrics.

You can hear this banger of a song on SoundCloud:

“Meadows” can also be heard on Spotify, here.

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Lost In Vancouver formed in 2014 Kirkcaldy Fife and cites their influences as Jeff Buckley and the Arctic Monkeys. You can follow the 4 piece indie rock n’ roll band on Twitter to keep up with upcoming and more music!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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