Egoism’s ‘Sorry’ Is Strong, Rock-Oriented Indie Pop Out of Australia

9 25 18 Egoism.jpgEgoism’s ‘Sorry’ is rock-oriented indie pop out of Sydney with an interesting array of influences.”I wrote this song as a bit of a fuck you to the people who never say sorry for their own mistakes, but then always demand an apology, even if I’m the one who was hurt the most,” frontwoman Scout Eastment says. “We were really going for a The Veronicas meets Slowdive kind of vibe, essentially blending the music of our childhood with the music of our teenage years.” Behind strong-yet-understated melodic guitar work and sweet, clean vocals, the two elements that really makes this track stand out are the rhythm section and the interesting use of poppy electronics. The choice to go with an automated, almost trappy percussive layer in place of actual drums really adds to the bedroom pop vibe this duo has going. Additionally, the liberal use of electronics at various points gives what’s otherwise a relatively thin, straightforward track a deep sense of atmosphere. This is a neat song from a promising project. Check out ‘Sorry’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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