“Ymir, BC” by Craig Cardiff is a Folky Lullaby

craig cardriff .jpg

Folky, somewhere between country and blues, “Ymir, BC” is an exciting and rich-sounding new song from Craig Cardiff. With over 20 years of experience with his music career, Ontario-based Cardiff has a unique voice that has been accurately described as “warm, scratched, sad, and sleepy.” “Ymir, BC” is so peaceful, especially with that signature voice, that it could easily be a lullaby. It begins with a relaxed beat that picks up, though not drastically, throughout the song, and then fades out again at the end for a few pretty piano chords. It really is reminiscent of a bedtime story: Cardiff’s strong and soft voice tells the stories of his travels, and the music’s fade out at the end feels like the perfect sound to lull you to sleep.

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Written by Skylar Bauer


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