Traveling John Releases Romantic Song for Sarah in Hopes That He Will Find Her

My dream is that this song will reach over the Atlantic Ocean and that Sarah will hear it somewhere and will contact me again. – Traveling John


Traveling John is using the power of songwriting to find a girl named Sarah that he met in 2012 while traveling to the United States. Sara gave John her contact information on a tiny piece of paper which was unfortunately lost by John before he could memorize or save her information. Now he wants to track her down…She’s obviously been on his mind this whole time…

The song is called “To Sarah (Wherever You Are)” and it’s a romantic ballad driven by softly-picked acoustic guitars, a soothing Swedish voice, and a string section that will move you to tears. The vocal delivery is filled with raw emotion that makes the heart sting. Traveling John sings about his remarkable and fun memories with Sarah, his love for music, and his desire to find her soon. This song is incredibly beautiful and we really hope that it is shared widely so Traveling John can find Sarah soon.

Please share this and help Traveling John find Sarah.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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