Drew’s ‘Face Me’ Is Straightforward Chicago Rap with a Well-Crafted Backing Track

9 26 18 DrewDrew’s ‘Face Me’ is straightforward rap music out of Chicago with a well-sampled, well-crafted backing track. This rapper “finds inspiration in Kanye West, J. Cole, Drake, Trey Songz and Frank Ocean to comprise a vaguely familiar, yet completely original sound.” He says he “began writing at just eight years old and recorded his freshman single in early 2017. Since then, Drew has had various performances in Chicago and Miami.” The vocals on here are solid – nothing super out of the box, but strong nonetheless. What really makes the track stand out is the sampling and construction of the beat, a process this artist did completely by himself. It’s really cool when people use existing vocals as the base for a new song. It switches up the traditional rap formula without alienating the genre’s sampling roots. I doubt Drew took any influence from this, but the track reminds me of Indian Summer’s ‘Angry Son’. This is a well-done piece from a talented producer. Check out ‘Face Me’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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