Band of the Day: Vallkyrie with Feel-Good Banger About Going Your Way

“All I ever wanted was somebody to love me nice and slow. All I ever wanted was somebody to need me and not let go. But all I ever got was somebody who never came to my show….I don’t need you no more…” – Vallkyrie

Vallkyrie is a group from New Zealand that creates big beats and funky vibes that bring a good feeling to the heart of music listeners everywhere. Vallkyrie delivers clever lyrics with a soulful vocal in the reggae hit “My Way” that will make you want to turn your speakers all the way up. The lyrical content is empowering and can become an anthem to anyone that knows they deserve something better! The song is about going your own way and marching forward in the fashion that you like. It’s an anthem for the punks and the rebels. The chorus of the song is so catchy and immediately makes the listener want to spin the record again. We are so certain that you will enjoy this one!

“(My Way) is about doing things your own way for no one else. It’s basically an anthem for anyone who feels like just doing them, and being proud and strong about it. We wrote this while on tour in 2017 in our little church, the sun was shining and we felt good that we were doing things our way, and that’s how this song began. A smoke, some toast and a milo” – Rebel Reid


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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