Settling Houses Put Storytelling Back Into Music

Settling Houses is a young rock band from the Midwest who are creating music that feels unique and authentic. Their latest release is called “Short Song About The Morning After.” It is a lo-fi love song about the reality of a somewhat romantic yet drunken hook-up. The song is recorded and produced in a way that conveys emotion in a very strong and honest way. The ballad is from the record “Short Songs for Short Nights” which is a collective of short stories in the form of music. This style of songwriting gives hope to all that listen to music to hear about something human and real. The song paints a picture like all great songs. The band consists of Joel Wetzell on Drums, Daniel Hazel playing Synth, Reid Gordon on Cello, and Josiah Hazel singing, and playing guitar and bass. The song can be enjoyed on YouTube with a cute little animation done by James Neilson and Neilson Campbell. Enjoy!

Written by Ryan Cassata


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