BLXPLTN’s ‘No English’ Is Eclectic Punk with Industrial and Hard Rock Leanings

9 30 18 BXPLTNBLXPLTN’s ‘No English’ is a strong, fuzzy middle ground between bluesy hard rock and vibrant, industrial punk. “Of all the punk rock bands who’ve turned their derision against the current authorities,” the group says, “none are more ferocious – or unsparing in their contempt – than BLXPLTN.” These guys fuse “examinations of race, class, gender, and sexuality with incendiary music that kicks hard at conventions and boundaries of all kinds.” This tune covers a lot of ground – both ideologically and musically. These guys oscillate between slightly-off kilter blues riffing, hardcore-inspired power chord verses and eclectic, punishing industrially-oriented electronic phrases. It’s feels like they’ve grabbed elements of Blue Cheer, The Casualties and Death Grips and brought all that together into a unique, cohesive piece of work. That takes compositional chops, technical talent and a striking willingness to take risks. This is an awesome track from a truly creative band. Check out ‘No English’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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