Life in the City of Angels

I live in the “City of Angels.” The city that is decorated in palm trees and drenched in billboards about what’s coming next. It’s basically impossible to not hear about the next hot movie or when each award show is taking place. Here in Los Angeles, when it comes to entertainment or the latest trends, we probably heard about it first.


It’s a city where most people come to chase down their dreams in the creative arts. It’s the city where everyone comes to make it as who they believe they are destined to be, or…die trying. When you look past all the drivers that make left turns on red (yes, left turns) in their fancy Tesla’s or BMW’s, you’ll find that Los Angeles is filled with some of the most driven and dedicated individuals you’ll ever meet. Most people here are down to get to know each other and figure out how they can work together so they both can rise in the entertainment industry and be their own definition of “successful.” LA is the city where you come to network, wether it’s on a popular dating app, or talking to the person in line behind you at Philz on Sunset Blvd because he has cool shades so “he must be someone.”

I’ve met some of the coolest people in this city. As someone who is really dedicated to my career in entertainment, it’s incredibly refreshing to be around other like minded individuals who want the same thing or understand the hustle that it takes to make their dreams come true.

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Los Angeles, is a rough city, but it’s less expensive than San Francisco, and perhaps considered a lot more glamorous than the city by the Bay. It’s a city that so many get so close to kissing their dream on the lips just to have it snatched up from underneath them the next moment. But…it motivates them. One thing, leads to the next. I’ve risen in this city, and I’ve fallen. We all have, but we keep getting back up, we motivate each other, the Billboards even motivate us, and we keep trying with everything we have.

I spend my days in Los Angeles working on my craft and working the side hustle. I’m usually memorizing lines for any type of film shoot I’m on or for my next audition. I’m often in front of casting directors several times a week or even sometimes several times a day. I’m playing music, writing music, recording music, promoting music, playing music live, etc. I’m also busting my ass doing random jobs just to make ends meet to afford to live in this competitive city because hell, it feels more like home than anywhere else.

Written by singer-songwriter/actor Ryan Cassata @ryancassata

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