The Wilderness Will Inspire You to Go “Dancing in the Dive Bars” Tonight!

“I wanted to write a song that somehow captures how you can look back at hard times in life with fondness, finding beauty in darker moments.”
– Lewis-Anthony.

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We are sure you’ve heard all the popular dancing-themed anthems such as “Dancing In the Dark” and “Dancing On My Own.” It’s time to expand your playlist and add a new one! We wanted to introduce you to an indie-rock song, released just a month ago, about love and dancing called “Dancing in the Dive Bars” by Canadian band The Wilderness. It’s a song that’s relatable to anyone that wants to go out and have a fun night filled with cover bands and dancing with the person they are into. The song has a modern sounding rock vocal with a sense of urgency, similar to bands like The Gaslight Anthem and Arcade Fire. The authentic sounding vocal combined with colorful lyrical content makes for a song that warms the listeners soul. It may even inspire some to go out and have the experience for themselves. The most unique aspect of The Wilderness is the saxophone player which gives the band a more romantic vibe and may even make listeners assume that the band may draw inspiration from the legendary Clarence Clemons. The Wilderness has a polished sound that is likeable to any rock fan. Overall this song has a great catchy verse and chorus melody and a romantically epic sound that builds throughout it’s 4 and a half minutes.

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“Sometimes the world throws challenges at you that may seem insurmountable, like the end of the month arrives and the $33 in your bank account won’t cover the rent, sort of thing…but you still have your friends and you still have your favorite local bar and together you all traipse out on the town and dance away your issues until tomorrow.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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